A treatment developed in Sweden - Now available in the UK!

Enjoy a life free from insufficient sleep

Since 2012 our online sleep treatment - which is backed by science - has given thousands a life free from sleep problems and sleep medicine.
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We are humble human beings - but the outcomes are too impressive not to share


had an improved sleep a whole year after ending the treatment


followed through on their sleep treatment, mainly because of our user-friendly programme which fits well with everyday life


said goodbye to their sleeping pills during the treatment

How it works

  • 1. Sleep assessment
    Book a sleep consultation and talk to one of our sleep coaches about your problem.
  • 2. The treatment
    You will get access to our effective & evidence-based CBT sleep treatment, including weekly calls with your sleep coach, 24/7 access to our Online Sleep Programme and our sleep efficiency method which reboots your sleeping pattern.
  • 3. Enjoy your new life!
    94% of our customers improved their sleep during treatment and still enjoyed a better sleep one year after finishing the programme. Will you be one of them?
Our team

Meet our sleep coaches

While going through our sleep treatment it's important for us that you are in safe hands. That's why we provide coaches specialized in sleep and online treatment.
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Compare us to the rest of the market

The Rest
In-person meetings
Our treatment is 100% online-based and you talk to the sleep coach over phone
Not Needed
Every Week
Personal sleep coach
Sessions needed
We have developed our treatment to be effective, therefore we will never have more than 5 sessions during the programme.
Session cost
Included in the price is also 24/7 access to our unique Sleep Treatment Programme offering exercises, tools, our Sleep Library and data visualization of your progress
Backed by research
Not necessarily
The pricing is friendly - just like us!

The value of getting your sleep back

We believe that caring, effective and professional healthcare benefits everyone. A sleeping problem can come in many shapes and forms, and we want to help you in the best way possible. This is why our sleep treatment always begins with a sleep consultation.
  • Consultation call to assess your problem
  • 100% online based treatment
  • Secure payment
  • Risk-free, cancel at anytime!
One time-fee
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30 min call • Assessment of sleeping problem
5 week treatment programme
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Risk-free - cancel at anytime!
We are here for you

Any questions?

If you don't feel like our website has managed to answer all your questions - don't hesitate to get in touch with us! We love to answer your questions, but please give us up to 48h to get back to you.
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