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In Sweden, we know a thing or two about getting a good night’s sleep. It’s all about achieving a better life balance and doing what’s right for you. Learning to Sleep is our sleep therapy programme, developed in Sweden and now available in the UK. It combines app-based technology and human interaction with trained psychologists in a unique five-step process to help you control your sleep and look forward to the day ahead.
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Old dogs, new tricks

I’ve learned new techniques and strategies that are so effective and easy to understand. I didn’t see that coming.
James, 66

Sleeping much better

I’ve tried everything but this really is different. I’ve learned to look at sleep in a different way and it works.
Karen, 32

Bad habits turned good

It’s been amazing to change my sleeping habits and understand why. They do know what they’re talking about in Sweden.
Nicola, 46

Make the connection

After the initial assessment I knew this was right for me. I’d be amazed if I’m the only one who thinks like this.
Richard, 37

How It Works

Book your first session
Book an initial sleep assessment with one of our psychologists. Together we will find out if our program is suitable for you.
One week at a time
Every week you learn new methods and strategies based on CBT. You get the best results if you complete all five weeks.
Get support & feedback
One of the most important tasks of the psychologist is to give you support. Every week you talk about how it is going and how you should continue.
What does it cost?


No obligation to continue with the programme after the first session. Download the app and book your first session today.

Common symptoms of sleep problems

Hard to fall asleep at night
Stressful everyday life with a lot of thoughts
Waking up too early in the morning
Waking up several times at night
Feeling anxious & depressed
Can’t sleep without medication
Charlotte Learning to sleep omdöme
“The contact with the psychologist was a strength and felt great. Someone I could vent my thoughts to and who could also reflect them and answer questions.”
Charlotte, 50
Had a hard time falling asleep
Jörgen Learning to sleep omdöme
“I thought it worked great and was actually pleasantly surprised at how good it felt and worked!”
Jörgen, 46
Needed a change
Kajsa Learning to sleep omdöme
“My psychologist was very supportive and helpful! It was nice to talk to someone and it made me more motivated. A person who was by my side and encouraged me throughout!”
Kajsa, 62
Sleep problems for 10 years

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Our psychologists

When you go our treatment, it is very important to us that you are in safe hands.
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