About Learning to Sleep

We set up Learning to Sleep to help people achieve a better quality of life through the power of sleep. We realised that in Sweden our approach to everyday life, the affinity with nature and the desire for balance, gave us a real insight into how important sleep is and how this knowledge might help anyone in the world of who might have sleep problems.

Our treatment is based on methods and techniques in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and is the form of treatment that the Medical Products Agency recommends primarily for sleep difficulties. We combine this with our home-grown Swedish knowledge, passed down over generations and this mix of old and new seems to be the secret of success.

In a clinical as many as 94% felt that they got better sleep after finishing the easy to follow five-step treatment programme.

So, we want to share this knowledge with our friends in the UK and we’re delighted to be here. If we can help, that will be amazing.
“Sov gott” as we say at home in Sweden and hope you’ll soon be saying here.

Learning to Sleep stands for digital and site-independent care with quick access to assessment and treatment. We are a registered caregiver at Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare and our treatment is registered at The Swedish Medical Products Agency and CE-marked.

"Sleep has always been an area that fascinated me. In my professional role as a CBT therapist, I often came across people who constantly struggled with poor sleep, where it all too often led to years of medication and sick leave. The whole basic idea when we started Learning to Sleep, was to be able to offer a simple and effective way to get qualified care for their sleep problem, without queues and accessible to everyone regardless of geographical location."
- Peter Boye, Founder

Our psychologists

Lina Johansson

Lead psychologist

Rebecca Ribbing


Karin Grumert


Andreas Andersson


Teresa Ståhlberg


Mia Ejnefjäll


Jalil Amin


Elisa Gutierrez Arvidsson


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